Become a Brand Ambassador

About our program

Maheli Heli™ is looking for adventurous and fun loving individuals who would like to be our brand ambassadors. Our beach babes are motivated and passionate about our vision as well as care free and up to date with current trends. Here at Maheli we thrive on individuality and the unique opportunity to let each girl feel her very best in her own skin. Our ambassadors will not only become Maheli babes but also representative of our core values in a cohesive way.


Duties and responsibilities

The foremost responsibility of our brand ambassadors is to contribute to company marketing and promotion via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our requirements rely on a post per article basis where our Maheli Babe is responsible for promoting the article with two social media posts one of which must be on Instagram. We love our products and want others to know how much our babes love theirs too!


Maheli babe perks

Didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? All of our brand ambassadors will receive complementary bikinis and other products from Maheli as well as a distinct coupon code for 25 percent off of all items available for use at anytime online for the duration of 12 months. You’re not just any babe you’re our babe.



By filling out the information below, you will allow Maheli Heli to decide your suitability to become a Maheli brand ambassador. You will be selected using the following criteria:

      Social media following

      Frequency your photos or articles are published

      Quality of your photos or articles

      Public appearance / publicity background

      The information you provide on this application

To apply, click here.