We're not your average swim line. We offer professional alteration services for all MAHELI HELI pieces We know taking care of high quality swimwear can be tricky so we're here to help. If you stretch out your suit, or just want to take it in a little on the sides - we've got you covered. If you cannot come into our store to experience a fitting, email us by clicking here.

Alteration Services: We offer professional alterations on all MAHELI HELI pieces for a small service fee starting at $15. The exact fee will vary depending on the type of piece being altered.

  • Top Alterations: $20
  • Bottom Alterations: $15
  • One Piece Alterations: $20

Please note that our alteration services are intended to make swimwear smaller by removing fabric. We are unable to alter swimwear to be larger. If you require a larger size or additional fabric, we will need to create a brand new piece, which will be treated as a new purchase rather than an alteration.

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our alteration services, all pieces being submitted for alterations must be in a clean and hygienic condition. While we strive to accommodate all alteration requests, MAHELI HELI reserves the right to deny an alteration request if the item is soiled or excessively damaged.

For customers who are unable to visit our store for an in-person fitting, please contact us via email at to discuss your alteration needs and receive guidance on the alteration process.